Flüssigkeiten auffangen. 
Sauber und effizient.
Für mehr Professionalität im Handwerk.


revolutionizes working with liquids.

The highly flexible liquid collection systems are for all tradesmen and professional companies who want to save time and money in the long term.


Support for your team.

In the HVAC sector, DERBLAUE® is the  perfect tool for countless applications: professional draining of radiators, replacement of traps, pumps or toilets, servicing of pressure expansion vessels or narrow wall heaters,...  


A clean affair!

In the hydraulics sector, DERBLAUE® is the ideal solution for servicing agricultural and construction machinery, forklift trucks and commercial vehicles. Oil and fuel filters are often difficult to access. But this is no longer a problem with the BLAUE.

DERBLAUE®: Never again without it!

DERBLAUE® in 60 seconds

So ingenious that it needs no words.

Click on the video and let Michael show you how DERBLAUE® works. works. No words are needed. Because the professional tool speaks for itself. Liquids can be collected and pumped out in a controlled manner, no matter how difficult the installation situation.

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Highly flexible and maximum efficiency. Our products are the perfect solution for collecting or pumping out liquids - especially in difficult installation situations.


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Do you have questions about BLAUEN or need help with your order? We look forward to hearing from you, by phone or email! Our team is here for you.


Willkommen im Team, Lina!

DERBLAUE® bekommt Verstärkung: Welcome Lina! Wir freuen uns, dass du im Team ist!Lina Dimova unterstützt uns im Sales/Back-Office und hilft uns tatkräftig dabei, Strukturen zu

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Wir suchen Dich!

DERBLAUE® wächst – komm in unser Team! Hast du Lust auf eine berufliche Veränderung? Wir suchen dringend Verstärkung für unser Team. Das sind unsere freien

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Insights: Weihnachtsfeier

DERBLAUE®: Weihnachtsfeier Auch für uns geht ein aufregendes, anstrengendes, erfolgreiches Jahr zu Ende – genau der richtige Zeitpunkt, mit dem gesamten Team ausgelassen zu feiern!

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