Our Mission

DER BLAUE belongs in every car...!

DER BLAUE is a unique system that has been developed, improved and brought to perfection together with heating installers, with a lot of attention to detail.
It is our goal to make the working life easier for as many craftsmen as possible, with this simple but absolutely brilliant solution.

This actually is quite easy with DER BLAUE.  

Anybody that has worked with DER BLAUE never wants to use anything else again to collect water with.

You can believe us, as well as the many testing companies, but you will only profit yourself, if you get yourself and your team DER BLAUE.

Unsere Aufgabe ist es so vielen Handwerkern, wie möglich den Arbeitsalltag, mit dieser einfachen und doch genialen Lösung, zu erleichtern.

Mit dem Blauen gelingt das prima. 

Jeder der einmal mit dem Blauen gearbeitet hat, möchte mit nichts anderem mehr Wasser auffangen.

Du kannst uns und den vielen Testbetrieben glauben aber du wirst selbst nur profitieren, wenn Du Dir und Deinem Team den Blauen holst.

„DER BLAUE is a simple and ingenious product that gives an enormous added value for a complete sector and even for each and everyone that works with water professionally. At least this was my assumption when I first had the idea of DER BLAUE. In order to actually proof test the practicality of this assumption, it was very important to us, to actually have a certain amount of installers throughout Germany test its limits in everyday use. Now, we can provide the craftsmen with a real top-quality product. We have managed this successfully due to our extensive field test.

Marvin Kiesel, inventor of DER BLAUE

Our history

How did it come about / The idea of DER BLAUE and the creative minds behind the invention

A radiator change was due at Marvin’s. At the time, Marvin was renovating his office and wanted to have the old radiator replaced with a modern one. His friend and heating engineer Philipp agreed to help change the radiator.

With a protective sheet and a cut-off bucket the water was drained.


After a short time the bucket was filled and had to be emptied. This repeated itself several times. However, despite the greatest care, the water also got to the pipes and onto the beautiful wooden floor. After about 45 min of draining water, Marvin asked if this procedure is standard. He could not believe that a whole industry would work in such an antiquated way for so many years, in this day and age. Philipp confirmed this and the thought wouldn’t leave Marvin’s mind.

Marvin is a trained industrial engineer specializing in mechanical engineering and has had an inventive talent since his childhood. He can’t help but always look for solutions to get the job done in the most effective way and to constantly improve. He then spends countless hours searching for a perfect solution. After the first failed versions, a tub is created, that was tested by Philipp and never given back.

Quote Philipp: “Every heating engineer needs this”.

A pump with a rechargeable battery is developed for it and DER BLAUE was born.

This is one of the first prototypes.

You can also see it in the video on the start page.

Michi joins in

But even the best product must first be developed to production maturity, the system must be built and when all this is done, of course, mankind must learn of the existence of DER BLAUE.

So Marvin approached his old acquaintance Michi, who he knew from mountain biking and the Kempten Founder’s Villa.

In addition to working as a sales representative for a renowned paint manufacturer, he worked part-time as a coach and trainer. 

As a trained master painter, paint and varnish technician, with experience in core renovations and a great personal interest in business development, marketing and entrepreneurship, he was the right partner for this challenging project.

During a joint mountain bike tour in Balderschwang, Marvin told Michi about the idea.


Naturally the timing was, as so often, not perfect. Michi already planned to quit his job as a sales representative, to devote his energy into a new job as a branch manager of a large painting company in the Allgäu.

With the idea of DER BLAUE, Marvin first got Michi interested and then waited to see if the seed that he planted would sprout.

In the beginning, the enthusiasm was overlaid by doubts and misgivings as to whether it really made sense to put so much energy into this project.

Michi presented DER BLAUE to his friends and they were all thrilled. 

Was this product really so ingenious and if so, why didn’t such a product already exist?

Consequently both pursued the plan, to get feedback from further installers, in order to understand if DER BLAUE was the correct project worth pursuing.

Hence, the last and ultimate test lay ahead.

World's leading trade fair in Frankfurt (ISH) and test phase

With a handcart and a cut-off radiator, a mobile exhibition stand was set up and pulled through the halls. The response was huge. The representatives of the major brands that were present were enthusiastic, contact addresses were exchanged and one thing was clear: DER BLAUE thrilled everyone!

Spurred on by the success at the trade fair, DER BLAUE was made available to 20 companies for an intense field test. With overwhelming success. 100% of the test companies were 100% satisfied…!