DERBLAUE® in operation: Hydraulics professionals know why

Anyone who works with oil or other liquids on a daily basis needs the DERLBAUE® . Because it proves to be the uncompromising ideal solution in countless situations. Work professionally. Efficiently and cleanly. DERLBAUE® makes it possible. 

Replace hydraulic lines cleanly

The single splash guard ensures maximum protection of the engine compartment when draining transmission oil. It closes tightly around the hydraulic line and directs the oil safely and in a controlled manner, e.g. via the slide further into the tub. 

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Oil change at final drive made easy!

The slide is ideal for changing the oil on a final drive. Simply attach it to the housing using the magnets, guide the slide into the DERBLAUE® tube and drain the gear oil. Done!

Easy draining of gear oil in any installation situation

The pan allows an oil filter to be changed in a clean and controlled manner without the gear oil running through the engine.

A 5 mm gap is sufficient to allow the tray to be used with a precise fit in any installation situation, no matter how tight.

The slide as an accessory to the tub makes even high or even more angled installation situations child's play.

Liquids can be directed into the tub in a targeted manner. Since the slide also has strong neodymium magnets, it can be seamlessly connected to the bending metal elements of the tub/splash guards or other metallic surfaces. The result? Clean professional work!