A story begins...

How it all started

A heater replacement at Marvin's was on the agenda. With a covering fleece and a cut bucket the water was drained.

After a short time, the bucket was filled and had to be emptied. This was repeated several times. Thus, despite the utmost care, the water also got to the pipes and the beautiful wooden floor. After a good 30 min of emptying the water, Marvin wondered if this procedure was standard. He asked his friend and heating engineer Philipp and could not believe that a whole profession for many years and especially in this day and age still resorts to such "ancient" means. Philipp confirmed this and the thought never left Marvin's mind.

Marvin is a trained industrial engineer specializing in mechanical engineering and has been an inventive genius since childhood. He spends countless hours searching for a perfect solution. A prototype of a tub is created, which is tested by Philipp and never given away again. Even more, he said to Marvin:

"Every heating contractor needs this!"

A pump with a rechargeable battery was developed and DERBLAUE® was born.

A genius idea. Two Founders.

The best product is of no use to anyone if no one knows it. 

That's why Marvin contacted his old acquaintance Michi, whom he knows from the Kempten founderervilla and from mountain biking.

In addition working as a sales consultant in the field for a renowned paint manufacturer, he was active as a coach and trainer.
As a trained master painter, paint and varnish technician, with experience in core renovations and a keen personal interest in business development, marketing and entrepreneurship, he was the right partner for this challenging project.

The enthusiasm was initially overshadowed by concerns about whether it really made sense to put so much energy into this project.

Michi introduced the idea of DERBLAUE®  to his acquaintances and the reaction was always the same: "Why isn`t there something so ingenious yet?"

Encouraged by the good feedback, from then on both pursued the plan to obtain opinions from other craftsmen in order to pursue the right project with DERBLAUE®.

The endurance test on the ISH

With a handcart and a cut-off radiator, a mobile stand was set up and pulled through the halls. The response was huge. The representatives of the big brands were enthusiastic, contact addresses were exchanged and one thing was clear: 

DERBLAUE® fascinates everyone!

Spurred on by the success at the trade fair, DERBLAUE® was given out to 20 companies for testing. With stunning success

100% of the installers were 100% satisfied

The launch of DERBLAUE® has been achieved with the pre-sale of the first dealer in May 2020, with more partners joining in the course of 2020.